Why I am afraid of DecemberDoomfest…

For those of you who do not yet know, this month, I and several others are writing one blog a day for 30 days. Rumor has it that this was my idea – this is speculation (there could be evidence on twitter): I may or may not (definitely did) on November 6th post a tweet that said “Let’s play a word association game: I say 30 days of blogging and you say…” This may have possibly started this idea – others agreed. Some after twisting a few arms, sorry Sean, and Cordes, not sorry. 

I’ve found myself afraid to open up again. I’ve found myself afraid of wasting words. I only get so many words to write, speak, etc. in this life and I am afraid of wasting them. In the long run, this life is really far to short to spend the entire time in fear. Fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of whatever are all not worth it. Fear of being found out. That maybe I am not that intelligent, not that well spoken, maybe that I do not have it all together. In the end does any of that even matter? What good is living a life of fear of what other people think?

Jesus died. He died to save those who believe in him. I believe in Jesus. Because of this I have his righteousness imputed on me and thus I am now identified as a Child of God, in whom he is pleased. Why does anything else matter. I am going to write a lot about Jesus and a lot about Christmas this month. If you happen to find yourself looking at this blog and have no idea what I am talking about leave me a message and we can talk.

Fear is why I am finally writing a second blog in on day to catch up for day one. I am going to stop fearing what I am writing and simply write. The truth is some of us need this, and some of us refuse to admit that we need this. I need this month of writing.

For a list of those participating see Alanah’s blog


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One response to “Why I am afraid of DecemberDoomfest…

  1. I like how I’m the record keeper. This pleases me.

    It’s weird how we’re all so moan-y about blogging, but we do it, and relatively well, most posts. We know we SHOULD do it more, but none of us want to. Or, at least, none of us want to do it alone.

    Maybe that’s the key to this whole doomfest. None of us want to be doing this alone.


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