Communion and the Diversity of the Church

As a child I recall singing a song at church called “Jesus Loves the Little Children” the lyrics went:

Jesus loves the little children all the little children of the world, red and yellow black and white we’re all children in his sight Jesus loves the children of the world.

So it’s a little culturally insensitive but proves the point. I serve communion at church quite often and I find that I often notice the diversity of the church community. Some times I wonder about the past of some. I imagine some are ex-drug addicts, some ex-adulterers, some ex-religious fanatics who finally found the real Jesus, some might have been prostitutes, pimps, abusive, broken, some doctors, some seminary professors, some retail workers, some laborers, some teenagers, and who knows what. Some are very clean-cut, others are covered in tattoos. Some are white, others black, some Asian, some Native American, some Indian, some American, some immigrants, etc. In the universal church there is such a great diversity. So many different people with so many different backgrounds, stories, sins, etc. And Jesus loves them all. For all of this we ought not to ignore the differences of the color of our skin, or the accents, or the differences in education, the differences in jobs… there are so many differences in the nature of the body of Christ that we cannot look at the community and not rejoice over how diverse it is.

I feel like I have written this blog before but I cannot help but continue to reflect upon the wonder of how thick the blood of Christ is to cover the many sins of many different people. All from different backgrounds – Jesus died not just for the sins of Israel but the sins of the whole world. Our church community should be diverse and we should love it. I have to admit one of my favorite parts of communion is watching men and women of different cultures and different backgrounds come together in unity and rejoice in their savior.



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4 responses to “Communion and the Diversity of the Church

  1. olivianus

    This is most likely an emotional reaction that you have used in your mind to justify maintaining the false doctrines your religion teaches.

    Did you know that Feudal Lords used to force diversity and integration onto people they did not like? It was called Prima Nocta. It fascinates me that so many young white men like yourself celebrate something that no other people in the word do: Genocide. You have to understand that manipulative people use words that mean something you don’t grasp at first site. The word diversity is a code word for Genocide sir.

    Black people hate white people sir. You can break the 9th commandment in rejecting it all you like. You know I’m right. They are committing massive acts of violence against white people in this country:

    Native American people hate white people sir.I just had to break fellowship with a native american here in town because of his hatred for my ancestors. These people have fully convinced themselves that the white race as a whole has committed mass genocide against them and we currently live on stolen land.

    Asian people may not hate white people as much as the other aces but their countries do not celebrate diversity.

    When we examine documents from the OECD, PISA 2009 Database we find that the top performers in Education are highly homogeneous nations, such as China, Japan and Korea.

    Homogeneity and not diversity give them strength.

    Moreover, the immigrants send billions of dollars back to their home countries, further destroying our national wealth.

    As of the USDOJ’s Hate Crime, 2003-2009 report (Page 4, Figure 2; Page 6, Figure 3), the #1 reason for Hate Crime in America was race and ethnicity.

    According to the USDOJ’s Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008, Blacks, while making up only 12% of the population, account for 65.6% of drug-related homicides. And so far from being persecuted by the White Man, the same report states, “93% of Black victims were killed by Blacks.” The CDC released the Homicide Rates Among Persons Aged 10–24 Years — United States, 1981–2010 in July of this year, 2013. Figure 3 shows young Blacks commit homicides almost 15 times the rate of Whites!

    You can ignore these facts to your own destruction if you wish.

    If you feel that your emotional equilibrium is worth breaking the 9th commandment, you go ahead and keep celebrating diversity, but if you wish to obey Yahweh’s laws concerning truth telling, you must utterly renounce what you have written here.


    • I think you misunderstood me. I wasn’t referring to the nation of America being diverse but the church of Jesus Christ. A church that was brought together by a Jewish man with a Galilean accent that used a tax collector, fishermen, physician, most specifically a Pharisee who was a Roman citizen from Damascus and others to spread his church that has spread all the way around the world. Maybe I should not have used the word diversity because the church is not diverse – there’s only one body and in Christ there is no longer Slave, Free, Jew, Gentile, American, Israeli, Black, White but instead now there is simply those who are redeemed by his act of atoning sacrifice. I simply meant that the blood of Son of God is thick enough to cover the sins of a multitude of different people from different backgrounds.

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  3. The comment I want to make on this is something I actually may want to write a full post about later…so for now, I’ll just say that my own place in that visual diversity was really solidified for me during Harvest’s Christmas program, of all things, when I played Mary. It was a reminder that Jesus loves me and my short, dyed hair and fandom-y tattoos and wonky bone structure. I don’t have to be the kindergarten-picture-Bible’s spitting image of Mary for Jesus to love me. And that’s reminder was (is) really very assuring.

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